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Engineers, English teachers, Care-giving, etc.

Support all kinds of immigration matters related to Working visa, especially Specified Skilled Worker Visa.

Specified skilled worker visa + Working visa 

"Tatsu Immigration Lawyer Office", which has 2 offices in Tokyo and Nagasaki Prefecture, provides a wide range of support from foreigners' status of residence (visa) procedures to employment and living support after coming to Japan.


About 100,000 foreigners move to Japan every year, and the number is increasing to account for 2% of the total population.


There are many revisions to the law, and the latest information is not available in online articles, so it is difficult to consult with an administrative scrivener. If you have a company or individual customer who has such a problem, please feel free to contact us.

First, inquire for 3 minutes!

Our staff will reply within 24 hours.



Visa and POLO procedures

Please tell us about your problems and what you would like to request.


Free quote

We will estimate the procedure cost based on the content of your inquiry. Please check the following for the amount of compensation.



​Determine the application schedule, etc., and if you agree to the application content and fee, the business will start.



We will provide consistent and thorough support until the application is completed and the permission is actually obtained.

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No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

Until Now

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​It is necessary for the employee in charge of your company to collectively collect a large amount of information + create documents. It takes time just to check the necessary documents and information. There is no denying the risk of disrupting normal operations.

From Now

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All you have to do is arrange the requested information and mail the documents. For the rest, we will prepare all the documents and steadily fulfill the request contents.

Catch up the latest information.

Make people live in Japan safely.

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