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Remove all barriers around the world

There are many hurdles in the world.

Language, gender, discrimination, rich and poor

Tatsu Immigration Lawyer office carries out its daily work in order to remove the barrier of "system".


Nowadays, the issue of declining birthrate and aging population is not taken up as a generalized issue.

The number of foreigners staying in Japan is increasing every year by 100,000 people.


At convenience stores in major cities, it is impossible to live without seeing foreigners even once.


We will break the barrier of "system" and eliminate the "barrier" of labor shortage that Japanese companies have.

Benefits of inquiring us

1.  Free consultation is possible

Free online consultation is available from anywhere in the country.

About visas, about the lives of foreigners.

Please feel free to contact us for any trivial matters, whether you are a company or an individual.

2. Achieves 40% cut in market cost


As a young office, we make full use of cloud management and online tools.

We continue to realize overwhelming fixed cost reduction.

We will flexibly respond to proposals that match the budget of the company, such as when accepting two or more people at a time.

3. From the listed companies to individual customers.

We have a wide range of clients, from listed companies to individual foreigners, using our office.

Since its establishment, it has maintained a repeat rate of over 90%, and has been well received for its thorough customer-first principle.

For email inquiries:
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