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work visa

Have a foreigner with educational background and skills work.

There are 19 types of work visas in all.

As a countermeasure against the rapid globalization of business and the decrease in the domestic working population

Employment of foreigners is expanding year by year.

This page introduces the "engineer country" that accounts for more than 60% of all work visas.








What kind of work is the target?

English teacher, engineer, interpreter, etc.

Occupations that make use of language, culture, skills, and educational background










Foreign language instructor


Interpretation and translation


Administrative task

Difference from specified skilled Worker

White-color and Blue-color

Technology / humanities knowledge / international business


Brain labor

Specified skiled Worker


Manual labor

"Technology / Humanities / International Services" is basically a visa for university graduate foreigners.

Therefore, the required ability was a work that used my head exclusively.

On the other hand, the newly established specific skill is a visa that requires manual labor.

Foreigners who could not enter the country without an academic background can now enter the country as long as they pass the exam .

Support costs

Application permission rate 100%


The visa must have at least 30 documents per person .

Why hire foreigners? Please leave the document creation to the immigration bureau to approve the reason.

Some online information does not correspond to the revision of the law.

If you contact the free consultation desk, it will be clear what to do and what to do.

We accept the market cost of about 100,000 yen for 60,000 yen .

With [speed of response] unique to young offices and [overwhelming track record] as a professional

I would like to help you.

Visa change

(Employing foreigners in Japan)

Hire international students

Change jobs

60,000 yen

Get a new visa

(Employing local foreigners)

Hire engineers, English teachers, interpreters, etc.

70,000 yen

Hire foreigners who meet the conditions

Visa renewal

(Renewal of foreigners already employed)

Want more foreigners to work

Renew your employment contract

30,000 yen

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